Medical devices, quality and innovation

ALF Distribution GmbH is a global acting distribution company for medical devices, based out of Germany. Our chore expertise is the identification of high quality and innovative device technology, and making these technologies available to who we believe are the focus of our world – our clients. We closely follow our clients not only in the setup and installation of the medical equipment, but we ensure on-going global maintenance and repair support. We know that endurance and high quality in innovation is not a contradiction – but both together create a product which we will commercialize.

ALF collaborates with local distribution companies in a variety of different countries, all of who we confirm that they share our values.

We at ALF know that it is considered quality, when the client comes back – and not the product.

Finally, we at ALF strongly believe that all stakeholders in the health care arena need to closely collaborate – for the outcome of providing the best patient care available. An aim which we can only achieve together. This is why we wake up in the morning and enjoy what we do – Every day!